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The Silver Arrows


The Silver Arrows General Reading Post Legend has it that the illustrious duo of bare aluminum-bodied race cars commissioned by Hitler, dubbed The Silver Arrows, were stripped of their paint as an ingenious pursue to reduce weight and increase speed. In a humorous attempt to rewrite history, traveling back to the 1930s, we would have…

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Polishing & Enhancing Chrome and Stainless-Steel Wire Wheels


Why do we need to clean, correct, and protect Chrome Wire Wheels? Unquestionably, “Wire Wheels” enrich the look of a classic car, especially sports cars and sporting saloons. Many of us cringe at the thought of cleaning them let alone polishing*1 and enhancing them. Unquestionably, few would argue that a correctly prepared and enhanced wheel…

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The Car Wash Process


The vehicle below was one of our London test vehicles. Polished and waxed in July 2019, this photo was taken on the 15th December 2019 the day it was sold. All we did was give it a wash with Wash’n Seal with Carnauba Wax. E-Valence Leather Cleaner with Antimicrobial Why should you regularly clean leather…

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Introducing An Industry First


Five years ago, I found myself returning to the automotive industry armed with a vision of developing the safest and most refined detailing products. I soon discovered an industry with an excessive car care offering that had become evidently stagnant and stubborn to evolution. While my goal seemed simple, my dedication to sourcing the best…

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E-Valence is Responsible Science


    E-Valence is Responsible Science Science we can trust. Solutions that enhance our everyday and always have an eye on tomorrow. Our Range is 100% biodegradable, and we don’t abuse the ambiguous rules of certification. We’re 99-100% silicone and solvent free; instead we’ve found a way to replicate the benefits and loose the negatives….

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