Microfibre Cloth Pack


Microfibre Cloth Pack is a premium cloth pack recommended for all internal and external cleaning processes.

Engineered to lift dirt seamlessly from any automotive surface it complements the E-Valence range.

The cloths in this pack are graded 270-330 GSM (Grams per Square Metre) and are recommended for all general-purpose cleaning processes.

This pack is made up of five different coloured cloths, one colour should be used for each specific application.

Click on the “detailing sequence” tab to view a correct detailing sequence.

Cloths may be used again after washing in cold water.

Directions regarding the correct washing procedure may be found in the usage section below.

For more information email to info@e-valence.com

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Follow the instructions for each individual cleaning process.

Use only clean clothes.

After finishing the individual process wash and leave to dry ready for the nest application.

Keep cloths clean with regular washing.

May be washed in a washing machine.

Use only a small amount of LIQUID washing detergent.

Do not wash with soap power.

Do not use fabric conditioner or fabric softener.

Hand out to dry.

Do not tumble dry.


Best practice is to wipe off with alternate cloths.

Allocate a specific cloth for each cleaning process.

Refer to the E-Valence Detailing System and E-Valence Microfibre System.

Do not put in a tumble dryer.

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