Medium-Fine Polish

250ml 500ml


Medium-Fine Polish is no compromise! Effortlessly remove persistent fine scratches and swirl marks with this ground breaking polish.

Medium-Fine polish is the perfect preparation for the application of Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax.

Best applied using a rotary, orbital free spinning polisher and a soft grade 1 polishing pad.

May be applied by hand in those hard to work in areas.

This product will be available from December 2021.

For Directions for use refer to the Instruction tab.


250ml, 500ml

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Shake bottle before use.

A Random Orbital Free Spinning Polisher ** is recommended for the application of this product.

The E-Valence Spider Cut Honey Pad is the recommended application pad for this product.

Thoroughly wash the vehicle with Wash’n Seal with Carnauba Wax or Clay Mitt the vehicle with Clay Mitt Lubricant.

Apply a small amount of polish to the pad.

Choose a slow speed to start and work your way around the vehicle a section 60 CM by 60 CM at a time.

Wipe to a shine with a clean 270-330 microfiber GSM cloth.

If persistent swirl marks remain then correct using E-Valence Cutting Slicing and Buffing Polish.

Finish by sealing the paint with E-Valence Preeminent 50% Carnauba Wax.

** View the Flex range if polishers on this website.

Best results will be achieved by combining a rotary, orbital, free spinning polisher with this product.

The vehicle surface must be cool and in a shaded or enclosed area.

Work through correcting a small section at a time.

Start with a slow speed on your polisher to get a feel of the machine and an assessment of the damage to be repaired.

Speed may be increased to facilitate a more aggressive cut.

Patience and perseverance are king when undertaking this part of the correction process.

The RR Corniche above has been buffed using E-Valence Medium-Fine Polish.

Shake the bottle before use.

For ultra-fine work moisten the pad before use.

Ensure the vehicle is washed and clear of any contaminants as they may cause swirl marks when machine polishing.


Keep out of reach of children.

In case of eye contact, rinse eye thoroughly with water.

If swallowed do not induce vomiting, seek immediate medical attention.

Always wear gloves and test first.

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